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Amy Miles

Ph.D. candidate, Ecology

B.A. Biology, Bryn Mawr College

Research Interests:


I am primarily interested in the origins of diverse reproductive strategies in birds, and what accounts for the differences between and within species. I am currently working on a meta-analysis looking at how trophic niche width affects flexibility in breeding timing, a behavioral physiology project on how the hormones prolactin and corticosterone mediate the relationship between experience and reproductive success, and a project looking at how we can use physiological measurements to infer breeding status of birds, as well as a diversity of fun side projects.

Personal Background:


I grew up on a farm in rural New York, and the time I spent working with animals has been a huge influence on my interest in behavioral ecology. I attended a public high school in my hometown, and got my B.A. at Bryn Mawr College. I enjoy knitting, collecting (and reading) old books, gardening, birding, playing dungeons and dragons, and hanging out with my partner, two cats, and menagerie of fish.

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