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Andreanna Cole

Master's Student, Ecology 

B.S. Marine Biology, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa


Research Interests:


My interests include all wildlife conservation, especially in the marine environment. I have a passion for helping any way that I can to contribute to saving animals that are threatened or endangered. My research revolves around the Western Gulls that are inhabiting the Farallon Islands and analyzing tens of years of data that has been collected on their breeding success. I strive to update the current understanding of the Western Gulls population dynamics. After graduate school, I would love to work at a government agency or non-profit to protect endangered or threatened wildlife, hopefully in the marine world. 


Personal Background:


Hi! My name is Andreanna, and I am a master’s student in the Hull Lab! I am originally from the Bay Area but decided to do my undergraduate in Hawai’i for Marine Biology. Being on the islands working on my Bachelor’s degree, gifted me opportunities to work with endangered waterbirds and various types of shorebirds and seabirds. I worked as a KUPU intern at the James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge as well as a research assistant for various graduate students for their endangered Hawaiian Stilt projects. I always knew that I wanted to get my master’s degree and coincidentally, I dreamed of attending UC Davis ever since I was a little girl. Straight out of undergraduate I searched for a lab that would best suit me and my interests.


When applying to UC Davis, I wanted to be a part of a lab that had people who were genuine, collaborative and extremely supportive, and the Hull lab couldn’t have been a more perfect fit. This lab is diverse with research, and everyone works together to support one another whether it be academic related or personal.

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