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Breanna Martinico

Ph.D. candidate, Ecology 

M.S. Avian Sciences, UC Davis

B.S. Wildlife Fish and Conservation Biology, UC Davis

A.A. Wildlife Science, De Anza College, Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies



Research Interests:


My research interests include conservation, ecology, and population genetics of birds of prey (raptors). As climate change, habitat loss, and environmental contaminants increasingly impact raptors, it is important to gather baseline information and quantify changes through time. Current projects I am involved in include investigating the population genetics and phylogeography of Merlin (Falco columbarius) and Cooper's Hawks (Accipiter cooperii) in North America to identify discrete populations, migratory corridors, and to help identify risks that different populations face.


Additionally, I am studying raptors in the agricultural ecosystem of the Central Valley of California. Raptors rely heavily on this landscape, especially for over-wintering habitat, while at the same time provide valuable natural pest-control services. I am interested in determining how habitat-use shifts with available habitat through time, as cropland is increasingly being converted to perennial crops (orchards and vineyards). I am also quantifying rodenticide exposure of diurnal and nocturnal raptors in the agricultural landscape to help develop integrated pest management strategies that maximize benefits from raptors.

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