Ongoing Research




Migration Ecology of Sharp-shinned Hawks & Merlins

Ryan Bourbour


Adaptation and Diversification of the Galápagos Hawk

Emily Abernathy


Population Genetics of Cooper's Hawks

Breanna Martinico

Merlin copy.jpeg

Merlin Population Genetics and Phylogeography

Breanna Martinico

IMG-8097 barn owl.JPG

Barn Owl Movement and Rodenticide Exposure in Industrial Agriculture

Ryan Bourbour


Reproductive and Movement Ecology of Northern Harriers

Shannon Skalos


Migration Ecology of

Golden-crowned Sparrows

Autumn Iverson

IMG-7665 rtha.png

Migrating Raptors and Mercury Trends

Ryan Bourbour

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.10.35

Barn Owls, Agriculture, and Rodenticides

Emily Phillips


Impacts of Rodent Control on Beneficial Hawks and Owls

Breanna Martinico


Behavioral Benefits of Mate Familiarity in Pelagic Seabirds

Chris Tyson


Nesting Ecology and Foraging Behavior of the American Kestrel

Jessica Schlarbaum

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